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The Bryophytes Blog

This is a bit of a new departure for me as I haven't 'Blogged' before!

So, here goes.

Bryophytes - Mosses are everywhere.

Lots of us see Mosses every day without realising that these sometimes large areas of green are almost everywhere and can grow almost anywhere.

When we do have or take time to look closer, it is obvious that they are different from other plants.

A typical wide variety of mosses growing on and around an old stone wall, Appin, Scptland
This marvellous collection of Bryophyte species is very typical of what happens when moss spores fall into the right environment and onto the right surface or substrate.

Learning more about Bryophytes isn't always straight forward and there are over 1000 species in the UK to be confused by.

As a Beginner to this new (Old) world spores, capsules, gametophytes and substrates, I have found it quite a lot to grasp and understand.

This website - - is intended to give some support to those who want to know more and to show, with images, how beautiful they all are.

If you have questions, if you want to know more, if there is something specific you would like to see on the web site, please let me know and I will do my best to help.


Please Use the Blog!

I am very happy to respond to any ideas you have on Moss/Bryophyte related topics you would like to see on the web site and here.

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