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Getting there...

Just a brief update.

The gallery is taking up most of my time at the moment. I look at all the blank spaces and think they will all get filled up quite easily. Not so! But slowly, things are coming together.

Searching for archived images, re-working others and scratching my head wondering why I ever started this is all part of the process.

One thing is certain, I am again astounded at the sheer variety and beauty of the Bryophytes group.

Collecting together older images and remembering all the places we have been to find the samples, our life has certainly not been dull since mosses came into our lives. I say 'Our lives' as my wife has been to most of the sites with me - and read quite a few books in the car whist keeping out of the rain!

I am hoping to be able to go fully live with the site before too long. Once the main gallery is completed, the build should get easier.


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