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This page will display images of a Bryophyte species which is either new to the site or has not been examined in depth previously or is simply interesting because of where it was found.

This may be one of my samples or could also be one of yours -just get in touch.

New addition - Reference Images

These are the first Reference Image Gallery images from a Guest Bryologist - 

Warren Maguire.

Warren has often  helped me on FB with identifications and knows his Bryophytes!

The species below are clear and crisp and should be very useful.

They will eventually be consolidated into the main image Gallery.

For newcomers to Bryophytes, a really clear Field image of a species can be a great help in making an identification.

I received these images from Lham Dorji who lives Phongme in Bhutan, Himalayas at an altitude of 2008 metres.

Lham has had a dream since he was young of becoming a Bryologist in Bhutan and is currently studying for an in Forestry at the  Forest Research Institute in Dehradun which is the capital of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, near the Himalayan foothills.

Lham had recently contacted me and asked how I prepared the images on this web site.

As a result he photographed and prepared these specimens and sent the images to me.

Hookeria acutifolia was only discovered in Thailand in 2016, but I'm not certain if it was known in Bhutan before that.

There must be a wealth of Bryophytes to be found in Bhutan and it is great to see that they generate as much interest in the Himalayn foothills as they do here in the UK.


Thank you Lham for your images and interest in this web site.

Images Copyright©lham Dorji 2019

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