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Nils, is a PhD student studying plant and bryophyte ecology and genetic dispersal at University of Québec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT), Canada.


Following an internship and a taste for drawing, he was curious to try illustrating the Liverworts he was working on. After preliminary pencil sketches he began to draw specimens with nibs, ink and water colour.


Thanks to these tools, Nils has produced a series of superbly detailed sketches of both thalloid and leafy liverworts. These have been scanned in high resolution at his University and are reproduced in this gallery.

Nils has also now completed a series of excellent drawings of moss species to complement his Liverwort collection - these are also included in his gallery (04/02/2022).


His work is intended for the future "Guide des bryophytes communes du Québec" (Guide to Québec's common Bryophytes).

Please note that the specimens illustrated by Nils were all from Canadian sites.

All but two are however also found in the UK and another in Ireland.

There are several also included in the existing Main Gallery on this site. 

Nils feels his work would be useful to those interested in Liverworts and Mosses and I totally agree.


To view the gallery please click on this text or the image below.

There are now  84 drawings in  Nils' collection - enjoy!

Ricciocarpos natans - Fringed Heartwort - Drawing by Nils Ambec
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