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The British Bryological Society have posted web links to essential sections of the BBS Field Guide. The links provide PDF information for those who do not have a Field Guide or are in the process of identifying a specimen and do not have their guide with them.

The list obviously assumes that an internet connection is available.


In addition to the links provided below, there are BBS links  (PDF FORMAT) to all of the species listed in the Field Guide enabling you to search by Genus, Species or common name.

The links and Keys below were made available online by Alan Hale and Charlie Campbell after the creation of the Field Guide itself.

If you wish to purchase a BBS Field guide, please follow the link below:

Field Guide Purchase

This PDF reproduces all of the Moss and Liverwort Identification Keys from the Guide.

This PDF reproduces all of the Sphagnum Identification Keys from the Guide.

This PDF is a comprehensive listing of all species found in the UK and identifies their  Division  and whether Acrocarp or Pleurocarp.

This PDF reproduces all of the introductory illustrations found in the Field Guide.

This PDF is a comprehensive listing of the different habitats found in the UK and lists those species known to be found frequently in those habitats.

This is a very useful reference for beginners.

If you can identify a habitat you can quickly narrow a specimen down to a list of species.

Remember when using the Habitat lists that Bryophytes can and do appear where they would not normally be found.

That said, Bryophyte habitats are still a very good guide during identfication and if you remember nothing else when in the field, don't forget the type of habitat.

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